An Anglo-Indian Archive

This WordPress site is part of our attempt to promote various methods of interpreting and presenting public history. Here we present the history of two Anglo-Indian families who have made Bangalore/Bengaluru home for many generations. The website model is not meant to be exclusive to any particular community. Both families/their representatives happened to be extremely interested in the public history process, ever ready to engage with our team, and shared our commitment in addressing the enduring question, ‘why does history matter’. These pages go some way in answering the question for they do much more than trace the history of a family–through a combination of word and image they address some of the concerns of the time. How we engage with such histories and geographies (in the contemporary) depends largely on our own convictions.

Memories of an Old Boy The pages trace Reverend Grant’s family history and footsteps through India:





Reminisces of a Colonial Shikari – The pages trace Don Anderson’s family history and footsteps through India:

Bengal to Madras Presidency (mid 19C)

Bolarum to Bangalore (late 19C to early 20C)

Bangalore (early to mid 20C)

Bengaluru (mid 20C to early 21C)

Featured image: Donald and June Anderson at Renigunta Railway Station