Making of the archive

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

As a passionate student of history and an explorer of different paths, I had an experiential opportunity to work with Krupa Rajangam as an intern under Neighbourhood Diaries for a month. During this time and under her guidance, this archive of Reverend Grant and of his ancestors was built, after several meetings with Grant himself.

Working on this blog allowed my text book knowledge (of various activities, such as collecting information from the primary source, etc) to come alive and actually make intangible thoughts tangible, by gathering stories from Grant and weaving it into this website. Through this journey, I not only learnt about different parts of Bangalore in older times but in current times as well, as I had not been to some of these places before- which made me fall in love with the city all over again!

As time went by, my inhibitions took a back seat and my passion for learning more, meeting new people and interacting with them grew deeper.

Signing off, I have to thank Krupa for this brilliant work experience which has given me clarity for my aspirations and perspective on building a historian’s character and working in the filed.

Meghana Kuppa,

Neighbourhood Diaries intern, May 2017.  


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