Edward Clement Grant was born in Hubli in 1896. He too worked for the South Indian Railways and was employed as a “Railway Engine Driver”. He was given a posting in South Africa for a duration of 2-3 years, under the “Covenant Drivers Agreement”.

We understand from Rev. Grant that this was a contract given to British employees working in the South Indian Railways. This was due to the huge increase of British railway employees and this contract made it possible to depute many such employees to South Africa.

Through his Baptism certificate, we note that Hubli was a part of the Bombay Diocese in 1896.
In this picture, Edward Clement stands to the far left, along with his firemen at the South Indian Railway sheds in Quilon.
As seen in this ‘Service Certificate’, Edward Clement Grant had to take premature retirement due to ill-health and passed away at the age of 66, in Bangalore, 1958.