Bangalore (early to mid 20C)

Kenneth Douglas Stuart Anderson (b1910) was the only son of Don’s grandparents. He was born in Bolarum, lived in Bangalore as a teen, then studied in Edinburgh and moved back to Bangalore, where he worked for the Postal Department and HAL.

Kenneth married Blossom Minette Hyacinth Fleming (b1910) a Sri Lankan Burgher (Eurasian ethnic group) whose family settled in Pondicherry (during the colonial period it was a French territory). She often accompanied her husband on his jungle expeditions, including hunting, but stopped when their son Donald (Don) also began to hunt with Kenneth.

The family’s extensive photo collections give us a glimpse into everyday life in colonial-period Bangalore.

During his later years Kenneth stopped hunting and devoted himself to promoting bio-diversity conservation while authoring many books on his encounters with the fauna of South Indian jungles.

Featured image: Blossom and June posing in front of her car ‘Lorry Annie’ hung about with spare tubes. The name was a pun on a well-known medieval Scottish song Annie Laurie.