Bengaluru (mid 20C to early 21C)

Donald Malcolm Stuart Anderson (b1934 d2014) wore many hats during his lifetime, that of hunter, angler, stunt double, field zoologist, and full-time employee of Binny Mills. Known to be fearless, he was often asked by the government  to shoot man-eating tigers, panthers and rogue elephants, much as his father was (see featured image above).

In his latter years, he gave up hunting and instead took to roaming in his beloved forests where-ever and whenever possible. He lived and died in Bengaluru, in a time-span that saw the transition from ponies to cars. You can read more about his adventures and gain insights into Bengaluru’s history in the ‘Reminisces of a Colonial Shikari’ the biography authored by Joshua Mathew, and in the article what Don Anderson’s biography can tell you about Bengaluru.

The images below present a snapshot of his life:

Featured image: Copy of letter sent to all licensed hunters including ‘Sri DMS Anderson, Prospect House, No 3, Sydney Road, Bangalore-1’ about a possible man eating tiger at Ajjipuram village, Kollegal taluk and permitting free shooting of the animal for one month.