Bolarum to Bangalore (late 19C to early 20C)

Don’s grandfather Douglas (b1869), married the Bangalore (Bengaluru) based Lucy Ann Taylor/Bailey (b1876) in 1909. They lived in Bolarum (part of Secunderabad Cantonment) before moving to Lucy’s family home in Bangalore (Prospect House on Sydney road, now Kasturba road). He handled military accounts both in Egypt (as Field Controller of an Indian Expeditionary Force in Ismailia) and India.

The studio portrait above features Douglas and Lucy. It was taken in the well-known Madras (Chennai) based photography studio of Wiele & Klein (both Germans). The studio was officially appointed to the Governor of Madras Presidency.  Lucy & Douglas’s patronage of the studio thus suggests the family likely moved in the upper circles of colonial-period Madras and Bangalore.

Lucy played the organ at St.Mark’s Cathedral in Bangalore for many years (the featured image shows her at the organ). The family archive also contains pictures of the cathedral’s interiors after the 1902 fire, one of which is reproduced below.

The image below is of Douglas posing in front of the Sphinx at Giza, on December 26th 1910, wearing the ‘sola topi’ that has since become a symbol of colonial rule across the world.